Track Listing
1 Get Up
2 Predator
3 Stingray
4 God rest ye merry gentlemen
5 Absolute Zero

Rob Metz : guitars and synths
Dave Clark : drums
Jared Lees : bass, drums on Get Up, percussion on Stingray
Brian Glodde : bass on Predator
Prashant Aswani : guitars on Stingray
Tori Butash : vocal on God rest ye merry gentlemen
Mike Dolsen : Synths ( a good bit of songwriting throughout )
Chris Dolsen : Acoustic Guitar on Stingray
Jeff Dolsen : Bass, Rythm Guitar and drum programming on Absolute Zero

Track Listing
1 Cosmic Ascension
2 Flying Machine
3 Desert Song
4 Empire of the Moon
5 Ultraviolet
6 Eastern Wind
7 Primal Fire
8 Tradition
9 Dark energy
10 Silver Feathers

Rob Metz: Guitars and Synths
Bill Cioce, Jay Tucker: Drums
John Gall, Mike Dolsen: Synths
Jared Lees: Bass
Michael Swan: Saxophone
Mike Risko, Byron Nemeth: Guitars

Axis Shift is another step in my evolution as a player and song writer. This CD has a wide array of guitar tones and stylistic leanings. Much more diverse than previous works. The CD has numerous instrumentation additions, Piano, Saxophone, Orchestral strings, choir and djembe with a much more evident volume dynamic. I hoped to make the music more accessible stylistically than Legion of Dreams was. It has rock songs, ballads and some eccentric guitar tones that will appeal to the emotions.

Track Listing

1 Lost in the Machine
2 Cruisin 5th Ave
3 Uncle Ice
4 Ride
5 Ivory Dragonfly
6 Silverwheel
7 Warmouth
8 Nightshade
9 Reator #45
10 Island Unto Myself

Rob Metz: Guitars and Synths
Bill Cioce ( Neil Zaza ), Adam Mercer: Drums
Doug Johns ( Neil Zaza ): Bass

Legion was my very first album. The entire thing was a huge leap of faith and a tremendous time of growth for me as a person and as a musician. I hope you enjoy the music that was born here.

I learned a lot about how songs are created and develop into personalities of their own, just like children. After they are published and released into the world they begin to live and breathe in your lives as well as mine. Thank you for sharing my journey.