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PDF Book + Video - These products are described below

Custom Video Lessons - (Details at the bottom of this page)
                by request through the sidebar CONTACT FORM

Subscription to my Truefire Channel : There are 3 levels of subscription. These would all include access to the video and PDF course material as well as weekly access to additional lessons and materials as they are posted. There are many video jam tracks on the channel as well.

For people who would like to take my course, but cannot attend private lessons, you can get PDF + Video lessons! This is an excellent alternative to private lessons. You can purchase my 59 page E Book that covers the topics listed below for less than a 10th of the cost of live lessons. The course is laid out over 43 weeks and has over 2 hours of video content. If you get stuck, you can always schedule a live or web lesson to get you through. 

Click the picture of the book and you can purchase this course for $29.99.

Rock Guitar Level 1 Contents

1Course Intro1:47:00
2Note Names6:00:00
3Open Major Chords3:43:00
4Open Minor and Diminished Chords4:51:00
5Intro to Keys and the F Chord3:32:00
6Intro to Reading TAB2:49:00
7Intro to TIME7:39:00
8Open Chord Progressions6:56:00
9Arpeggiating Open Chord Progressions4:35:00
10Finger Strength Exercises5:42:00
11Intro to Power Chords2:47:00
12Barre Chords7:25:00
13Minor and Diminished Barre Chords6:05:00
14Progressions using Barre Chords2:43:00
15Suspended Open Chords2:47:00
16Suspended Barre Chords1:18:00
17Major 7th Barre Chords2:44:00
18Minor 7th/Dominant 7th/Minor 7b5 Barre Chords4:14:00
19Progressions using minor 7th Barre Chords1:10:00
20Progressions using Dominant 7th Barre Chords1:05:00
21Progressions using Diminished Barre Chords1:13:00
22Chord Quality Exercise E, A and D Shapes1:13:00
23Flutter Exercises3:36:00
24Performance Techniques2:30:00
25CAGED Pentatonic Scale Shape C and How to Practice4:27:00
26CAGED Pentatonic Scale Shapes3:11:00
27CAGED Sequence5:41:00
28Chord Scale Exercise4:05:00
29Pentatonic Cheater Rule1:54:00
30Intro to The Blues: The 12 Bar Form3:11:00
31Intro to The Blues: The Minor Form1:16:00
32Intro to The Blues: Rhythm Technique1:11:00
33Intro to The Blues: Single Note Line1:53:00
34Intro to The Blues: The Blues Scale2:56:00
35Intro to The Blues: The Turnaround:51
36Intro to Jazz: The ii - V - I, ii - V - I Minor2:46:00
37Creating the Progression and Targeting Notes4:11:00
38Intro to String Bending4:02:00
39Rock Licks 15:13:00
40Rock Licks 22:46:00
41Intro to Harmonics2:14:00
42Intro to Tapping3:25:00
43Rock Licks 31:55:00
44Famous Licks3:27:00

Custom Video Lessons   $25.00      15 Minute Video

Custom Videos are available for those who do not have the equipment for Online Lessons or live in a time zone that does not permit an Online Lesson. Please contact me through the form in the sidebar to inquire whether the subject you wish to learn is available.
Subjects for *custom videos include, but are not limited to:
  • Scales - Diatonic and Pentatonic as well as Exotic
  • Modes
  • Sweeping
  • Songwriting techniques
  • Speed techniques
  • Tapping
  • Performance Techniques
    • Depending on the subject matter and volume of requests, it will take a few days to produce a custom video. Video content may vary between 12 to 15 minutes depending on the subject matter and may require more than one lesson. If the subject matter requires more than one lesson, you will have to purchase additional lessons to complete the subject. Videos will be delivered via YouTube as a *private video. You will be e mailed the URL after the video is uploaded. Private Video delivery will REQUIRE a YouTube account.

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